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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Someone else please post something =)))

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Saturday, January 20, 2007
I wonder if anyone's still viewing the blog.

I miss Nanyang!


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
hey peepx.. not sure if anione is reading this lahz.. but here are the details for tania's bbq party:

2nd September (Saturday)
Meet at 139 Serangoon Avenue 3 entrance.. (god knows where)

k lahz.. anione going? leave a tag ba.. i still considering worz~~ :p haha~~

JIA YOU to peepx taking 3rd lang pp tmr!~~

and HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY EVERYONE!~!~ (esp tchrs lahz.. :P)

n.. not forgetting.. reminder to all: do ur papers properly and start MUGGING!~ lolx~~

JIA YOU!~ ^.^

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Sunday, August 27, 2006
dun think anyone will be reading this, but ya..heck la, just blog...this blog has been abandoned for song long le.

Hmm well, exams coming soon, everyone jiayou mugging!! And this is the last 1+ months we are going to spend as a class, must treasure~

Third lang ppl, good luck for O's prelims (:


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Haha how come our class blog abit dead. And haha, the blog craze seems to be dying down.

Seems like everyone's more busy during the hols.

OH YES 407 BBQ!!!


Date: 19th June 2006 (Monday)
Time: 5.00-10.00pm
Address: 3Jalan Anak Bukit #14-05, Sherwood Towers (Ji lao shi’s house)

Apparently it’s like just beside bukit timah plaza. Opp KAP. If you have any problems getting there, ya can call huizhuang/jiali

Everyone please pay $5 to our fav treasurer Woon Chee/ Mingyi so that all of you can claim ur money after the bbq. Keep your receipts and produce upon request:D

If you cannot come, PLEASE INFORM Huizhuang @92774898. Don’t say you’re not sure ok. If you have nothing on (really urgent) then please come. It’s a class gathering

you can bring other food too!:D the more the merrier

Yeah everyone please come! There'll be lots of food and games and it's SAFE. No wolves around don't worry!


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Thursday, June 08, 2006
hi it's me :) i did a new layout since the old one was a little...bare, but since i have never used blogspot before, changing this stoopid layout has been a total pain for me >___<

our class blog is almost dead, so I updated! XD on the other hand, everyone else's blog seems to be equally dead or worse...

enjoy what's left of your holidays :D

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Ah. If you've noticed. Walagata died. So there's no template for our blog.

Er, realised that things are super un-updated. Will attempt to update after physics test, latest after mid-yrs.

Oh, but I updated the links. So denyse's and xiaowen's blogs can be linked from here now =)


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Monday, April 10, 2006



Bowei's spastic look

Murdering the cake

Jasmin cutting cake


Shishuan eating.

Random pic of BAO

There's supposed to be more pics but I can't seem to upload anymore, blogger has a problem! LOL. Now you know my secret obsession with cheese cakes. *blushes, runs and hides*

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Saturday, March 18, 2006
eh hello. bixuan here. anyway remember to do the 36 ji. here's a good website that gives info on 36 ji. :) http://bbs.bato.cn/viewthread.php?tid=41660

and we should be doing the da yue jin SBQ and in case u lost it...

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Sunday, March 12, 2006
And we have a class album!

it's at www.snapfish.com

username: four0seven@gmail.com
pw: 4seven

do upload and view. (can view in nice slideshow way you know!)

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Friday, February 24, 2006
wah i just couldn't resist putting it up here (that's the class song, tentative):

to tune: 勾勾手


我 失落的时候

在 上课的时候



在 测验的过后






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Friday, February 03, 2006

In view of the coming test nxt week, here's a word of encouragement:


~JiA YoU Ba!!~

We RoCk!


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

OKOK!!! haha.. I recommend Sun Xie Zhi! He rox coz he's cute and sweet and matured and everything!!! haha! :D:D MUST vote for him ah!


1. he's damn cute.. trust me.. look at the way he flips his fringe and tries to make a point while being rebutted by wang renfu.. wah liaoz.. shuai dai le~~

2. he's matured.. come on man.. compared to renfu.. ANYONE is matured. :P

3. he's SHUAI! (stop rolling your eyes!) coz he has the charisma of a man. he talks like a man, sings like a man, acts like a man, walks like a man, even think like a man!

4. He's sings well!!! ^.^

Due to the above reasons, he's selected. FINAL!

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Monday, January 23, 2006
Yay this blog is not dead cos I'm blogging!

Ok, one idea to liven up this blog would be to... hold our man of the week/ fortnight elections here!

If you people are agreeable, I think I can find a way to get a poll system up here.

Maybe we can start with like, a blog entry on why you should choose this guy etc etc. Then after looking at all the convincing persuasions, we start the vote.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Hi, pls inform your class that i will have makeup lessons with them on the first 3 thursday afternoons of term 1 in LT2 to finish up the incompleted strands of 2005. If anyone misses them for whatever valid reasons, there will be no further makeup whatsoever. Thx so much. Happy new year to you!~ Ms Yeo

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Heyo seveners (sounds weird but nvm)...

You all should be happy kae. Cos the history students got the perfect christmas gift from Mr Han... A stack of history handouts on cold war...

I'm going to spend my christmas analyzing the "coolest" war of all.


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Monday, December 12, 2005

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MayDay Concert!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005
knock knock?? yo?? alo?? anyone here??

28th dec 05 hand in report

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Friday, December 09, 2005
Although I know the class blog is dead, I can't resist posting here... There are miracles... That will liven up this blog.


As all of you should know, Miss Ong is leaving our ever lovely school to teach in The Sports School. And so, as your LA rep, I'm supposed to organise a trip to Little India with her. Highlight of this event would be a meal at a new Indian Vegetarian Restaurant. -drools-

Interested parties please sign up. Date and time not confirmed.


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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Latest Bulletin: (math)

We have 23 A1s out of the 27 of us. First class in level!




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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
ms yeo smsed...

bad news everyone...

Math lessons AGAIN...

20, 21, 24 oct. lt2. compulsory lessons on a new chapter and the rest of logs. 2.30 to 4pm. no reteaching..

she sounds sulky....


and 22nd still got the bsp talk zheng was talking about... forgot what time le...

22nd oso got s4 graduation...

22nd oso got chinese drama camp..

wah biang. :(

Take note ah...


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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Physics Exam Topics

01. Physical Quantities and Units
02. Vectors
03. Kinematics: Speed Velocity and Distance
04. Dynamics: Newton's Laws of Motion
05. Mass Weight and Density
06. Turning Effects of Forces (Moments)
07. Pressure
08. Energy, Work and Power
09. Kinetic Model of Matter
10. Transfer of Thermal Energy
11. Temperature
12. Thermal Properties of Matter
13. General Wave Properties
14. Light Reflections
15. Light Refractions
16. Light Lenses
17. Electro Spectrum
16. Sound

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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Hey guys... i know this blog is so dead but honestly, i do not know how to pass this impt msg to u guys now other than this way lahz... (there is use for this blog afterall huh?!)


Ms Yeo just smsed and gave me a big hint on the math pp 1...

Just so that we wont waste time on rubbish stuff... and fail the math pp or sth..

As i have the lousiest interpretation skills... i shall just type in the whole msg...

"Pls pass this msg around to all sec 307 girls that since formula sheet is provided for paper one only and the amath topics generally have more formulas, it means paper one will cover MAINLY Amath topics. So concentrate more on unit 1,4,5,6,9,11,12 and 15 for tue paper. Thx. :)"

that's it... (it does not seem that impt after i finish typing worz...)

I din want u guys to waste time the whole wkend studying rubbish so... decided to use this way to communicate this i dunno whether impt or not info to you..

And in case any reporters are reading this and contemplating on writing on an essay about tchrs giving hints, go and die. This is so NOT a hint! It's just a caring and kind teacher sharing her assumption and inferencing skills with us... so if you are so dead keen on writing this essay, call me at 1800-000-0000 and share your unhappiness with me...

To ppl that are supposed to read this: Good luck for your exam revision and hope this will help u stay more focused on your studying and stop fumbling thru your notes, not knowing where to start. ^.^
To the idiots that are NOT supposed to be here: Go get a life and stop trying to find fault with my writing!!! The police will NOT bother about ppl like me who are bored and useless, so stop picking on ME!!!

P.S. in case some of u are like 'huh?' i received an email the other day from an unhappy member of the public that was quite pissed with my disclaimer i put up at my own blog... haha... quite farni lah... lolx..

Aniwaez... Study hard, dun play play hor!


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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Let's say TGIF tomorrow! Yes, it's going to be Friday soon! Just bear a few more hours :)

Good luck for Physics Test, don't get too stressed, at least you don't have a History Test.

Any kind soul can help to check whether the calendar and homework list is correct? Sorry, I don't have the habit of writing down every single thign that teachers tell us.


~Siying (Anti KKK)

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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Hey guys. Those test next week are no doubt killing us. But we'll make it through!

We study hard today, monday and tuesday, and we play hard after that!!!!!

Mean while do not be too stressed out hur, and sleep lots! :D

- hong

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Our class blog looks dead!

Maybe it's because of feng-shui. Anyone thinks that we need to change the skin?

Thinking of having a class vote, here are some suggestions:

Just suggesting... In the spirit of fun... And finding a way to keep the class blog alive. Yepp.

The blog gots something to say: "Keep me alive!"

Okayy. I know, it's lame -_-

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Monday, July 04, 2005
Thanks Litian *I think* for the information on BSP Camp. Now, I'm going to talk about something related to her topic, which is... ... Xianglong Gathering! *whoop~!*

Yepp, so Xianglong met on Sunday, 3rd July 2005 at 10.30am, Somerset MRT. 10 out of 21 people were present (5 CHS, 3NY, 2 DHS [both gals]). We went to cine (for a movie), found that it was still early ( since our show was at 12) and had a pretty silent lunch( or brunch or breakfast or snack, depending on who ate it) at KFC. The CHS guys played bridge while the girls talked about… stuff. Yepp, so painfully, 12 came and we went to watch WAR OF THE WORLDS.

Shall digress a little from the outing and talk about the movie. The movie was well, BLOODY GOOD!!! Yes! The three Rs rock!!! Not talking about Recycle, Reuse and Reduce here, nor Reflect, Respond and R( something) here. It’s…… Ray, Robbie and Rachel! *whoop~!* Yeah, it’s a movie worth watching, and it gets you thankful for God’s (whether it’s Guan-yin or Buddha or Jesus or God or Allah or Gaia……) wonderful creation of earth and every single thing. It reminds me of The Alchemist, in the sense that, everything has it’s personal legend, and we have to fulfill it. Everything on earth has it’s purpose yar! And no one will ever die in vain!

Ok, back to outing ^_^ We…… went to take Neos! Yepp, guys paid for one, girls paid for one, and so everyone has 2 sets of 2. It looks quite nice actually, considering we have 10 people! Then, it’s off to Bishan Park!

Went to Somerset MRT and caught a train to Bishan MRT and went to McDonalds to look for Yufeng, who went home early (haha) and went to NTUC to buy food, so that we could have a picnic! Then, took 410 (white) to Bishan Park, alighted at some temple opposite Bishan Park Secondary School (weird name) and walked in… … and played Uno and bridge( while eating)!

There was this freaking irritating ah-pek who kept saying -jing3 ca2 lai2 liao3.jing3 ca2 lai2 liao3. So at first we were playing cards (I refuse to say what game we were playing) and then we switched to Uno.

Uno was a freaking long game. Jingyangme and Lerong( yes finally, I remember his name) were trying to plot against Tauhui, and in the end, Lerong lost(!) to Wenyan, who was super blur… … and we went to play bridge.

Can sort of understand bridge now, after looking at people play for soooo many rounds. So yeah, as usual, Jingyangme and Lerong were plotting against… the others, by using code language, which was hard to guess and sounds like daily conversation. In the end, Tauhui only lost one round in his whole lifetime of playing bridge (till then) *claps*, and without knowing why too.
Planned to watch sunset, but… too bad, can’t see anything decent, and went off home, on bus 410 (green this time) and back to Bishan MRT and home sweet home for everyone.

Sooo, I guess this is our common topic, so everyone blog about your own bang1 meeting kae? But in any case, XIANGLONG ROCKS!


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Monday, June 27, 2005
lalala...shall continue with my post.....
hmm....2nd day....teacher say muz wear formal clothing....but wonder how formal can it be???then anyway....i thought yesterday say if can wear class tee...but so sucky...only me and bixuan wore class tee and the rest home clothes.anyway...at least got bixuan accompany wear same thing.
was quite tired...but anyway...we went to nus.oh before that...on wed nite, all the bagua ny girls actually met up online to discuss wen yu wan hui item..i was distracted by jue dui superstar...haha...but anyway was quite efficient lah.suggested using my fav star mayday's song little nurse..i even thought of the story to link it.bleargh...but dunnoe if it will turn up as good.
shall continue..okay.nus is big.on the bus there....everyone was memorising the poems...the reason was because later dinner might have xing jiu ling. i stare at the poem.my brain stop functioning.like heck lah....if me then the worse is juz drink that salt water lorh.wad worse punishments can the camp organisers think out????

yeah...then on tingyi's cd to listen shava2...cos we thought like using it for wen yu wan hui as well.next....we reach there right...like nanyang one grp..then the other schs seem to be also busy discussing lorh. so we talk talk and talk...then finally decide to dance shava shava...but end up quite hard to teach all..so split into groups..then yeah got chuntian zai nali yah...then still got nanzhong quan..and mo li hua( suggested by tiffany toh hui ying)

time flew and is time for my FAVOURITE ACTIVITY OF THIS CAMP.....another WONDERFUL LECTURE...haha....but luckily i bought the lyrics of wu yue tian..then rachel brought her mixed cd too..then fortunately we sat at the last row...was happily singing all the songs that we knew with rachel then sometimes leekoon joined in....at some point of time, we both realise we sang too loud..but haha...it was very fun..
ms jasmine lee shi min was obviously enjoying my melodious voice when i sang love song "qing ren" to her.she was so happy=)
haha....then is again...my favourite chadian...this time we were supposed to discuss our item with our grp....plus eating bengawan solo sponsered butter cake....the cake was shiok man!!!then got nice nice milk tea..bet bengawan solo was tricked by the camp commandant into sponsering us so many boxes of cakes.

yeah then told the rest of the group abt our idea...then wanted to rush back to get lyrics. BUT end up teaching bixuan shava shava...then rachel and denyse pop out from the back door....oops..and found out sth bad happen to her....shan't mention it here..but she was saved!!!
then is yet another fAVOURITE LECTURE.......this is even worse then previous lecture...like wads the use of knowing how to classify books in that huge nus library...was busy writing the script...then suddenly...can u guess wad happen???

is the real life movie of THE EYE 10.that XIELIXIANG laoshi went to take a chair and sat two seats beside me.ming yi was sitting in between me and her..like wad crap. but clever me continue to write without her suspecting then dada...ba gua script was born....with the help of rachel, mingyi, denyse bixuan and ruoshuang...i was wondering if bagua could read my words...bleargh...okay...then is lunchtime...
was so hungry...cos breakfast din eat much knowing that bsp camp got alot of makan...the western food was okay...conclude that among everything the Boiled CARROTS was the BEST.then went to discuss item...some ppl in bagua were stoning....like hmmmm....no comments..then went to visit the nus library...damn huge sia. but wads the use again of visiting it..we cannot even borrow.grrr.....then is again my favourite chadian...but was discussing item again..din eat..only drank. then got stupid games lah...like er....is meaningless.....can say that it sucks.really sucks.how good can the game be when ppl get injured?
thank goodness it ended. then was quite a lively talk on dining etiquettes...some parts nearly doze off....but was awaken by the enthusiastic screams and claps for that speaker....this is the one of the two lectures that i actually like...the other one is the comics one.

yeah!!!!!then is off to dinner !!!!wohoah!!!!was so looking forward to it...wonder wad stupid games they are going to make us play there..but anyway....was quite :( that bixuan couldn't join my table...but anyway....got ruoshuang, rachel, denyse plus mingyi. first game was that use chopticks to transfer green chillis....but conclude that it is er.....dotz.hmm...i found the menu in the middle quite extra so i took it and threw it under the table.
yeah then was quite excited...suggested playing zhong ji mi ma....like the food no one eat...fish is rotting...tofu rotting..everything is rotting..rice so big bowl no one touch. so this game is good to get rid of the food..ignoring the zhong ji mi ma that the camp leaders played. got true or dare too. then denyse plus ruoshuang i think yeah...had to do titanic...
hmm....i actually thought of adding more to the bowl of rubbish but haiz...ppl dun want...so nvm..really think the dinner was fun=)

then by the time reach hostel was ten. madness.. our radio!!!our shava shava....so told everyone to try to meet at 4.30 at me and rachel dorm..then postpone to 5 then postpone to 5.30....then in the end told them to try to come as early as possible. but the worst thing happen our teacher totally heck care abt the radio...told us to practise tmr morning...like got no time liao...then rachel called her father...which was our great saviour sia.....dance after bathing then try to teach as many as possible so that tmr can teach more...haha...everyone sweat alot..but the teachers did come and check on us....but they were nice lah...ask us to slp early...

so dion me and rachel went down collect radio and continue dancing till one....with siying and denyse....dion went slping.yeah....it was not bad....so like one plus we decided to stop and go Zzzzzz.....then 5 o'clock wake up to continue dancing.....couldn't really slp at first cos kept thinking abt the dance.yes okay....shall continue nxt time

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Saturday, June 25, 2005
Yoz....how's everybody's camp????shall post abt my ba gua....
okay....first day...actually wanted to pon, but i was guai enuff to come to sch.honestly, the arrangement of bring the bags on the first day sucks. cos is like 2nd day coming back already. wads the use lah???then we took the bus to sports sch!!wah liao...sports sch is like damn big and then is like so dua pai.got this got that..somemore can stay in that beautiful hostel. then we settled down at the assembly area there....waited for a while..then got dorm key. Me and rachel was in charge of the dormitory. got that camp tshirt.shan't comment on the design. then needa change..then meanwhile all the schs came..then we brought our bags to the dorm. our rooms are like 6,7,8 then i was wondering why so funny sia....three rooms but one key. hostel the security high sia.gate needs key, lift also needs key.

anyway, was quite surprised that three rooms are interconnected. which is a good thing actually. hmm...then we went down then attend the super duper boring opening ceremony.like at first tries to listen...but later got sian diao. yeah...then got this free file. me in same group as bixuan,denyse, mingyi,rachel,and ruoshuang. then got cha dian.which is a fruit cake plus the mini cup of dunno wad drink. when you read the time table for the camp you can puke man. is like got so many lectures....and alot of cha dian....which basically makes ppl grow fat.

then later got this talk about wen hua...slept some parts.and read bonesetter's daughter.quite proud of myself that i could cover quite a lot...conclude that the lecture was boring. then got lunch...then later is the icebreakers. Got into different groups. Mine is bagua...then eh...some parts is quite leng diao....cos like everybody dunnoe each other yet lah. think the icebreakers is so so....

then like only 1 HOUR after lunch is cha dian AGAIN. like my lunch has not been digested. Ate the bread left out the sausage..the bread is frozen. actually wanted to dun eat and da bao but i realise the expiry date was next day.so juz eat.then later back to another lecture by the hk woman.

was quite excited to watch huang fei hong cos got jet li mah...then is like got this lady head blocking the subtitles.grr.....then even after requested her to shift i realise it makes no difference. anyway..i was sitting AT the door...then door keep open close open close. feels sianz after a while then went to sleep again.

then is the talk by that lady who spoke during the rjc seminar...could remember her...but this time, i realise she improved her speaking skills tremendously. last time she spoke mandarin but got such hk accent that by the time i figured wad she spoke the thing ended. this time she spoke in english which was even worse lorh. disastrous....trying to speak slang man.....and she is sooo animated that no one can sleep. was laughing at her throughout the talk......

you know wad??? although she holds the mic, she doesn't speak into the mic. her hand was holding it but you know, she got sooo many hand gestures then the mic keep swinging here and there...this is the talk that left the most impression on me sia....never forget her...haha..then after that is home sweet home!!!!!

shall continue when got time...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Yo peeps! Wonder what I did with my computer, cos it's working perfectly well now! Yippee!(^_^)

Hmm, I can't view the tagboard from my house comp, wonder why :(

Yay, thanks zhuang for providing us this wonderful news! Yepp, our saturday will be free! :)

Hopefully all of you are looking forward to school! Don't forget the wonderful SS test that we are going to have!

Changing SS teacher... are you sad or happy? I think I'll miss Rashidah. She's quite nice ya know haha.



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Monday, June 13, 2005
heyy peeps!!!
Ms Yeo says that the maths lesson on 18th June is cancelled cus the general office not open then cant take keys. so change to
21st june 9 to 12pm at Lt 1 or 2
those hu cant make it pls tell joycey yupps:D enjoy your hols dude

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Thursday, June 09, 2005
This place is mouldy! Nobody is updating! And I thought that people will be the free-est during the hols! I'm apologize for not updating, my computer was down :(! Right now I'm sniffing away and thumping away on the keyboard as quickly as I can before some meanie virus comes and attack my vunerable computer... ...

Nevermind, I shall update now! Yeah, we have quite a lot of work, and the homework list is not really updated I guess... ... I'm hoping that someone will ask me out :) Anyone wants to watch Madagascar? It looks super interesting, but no-one wants to wath with me! *stab stab* Been watching too much Kindaichi lately, so I can't really think properly, and I'm stuck with maths!

Yeah, by the way, just wanna tell you peeps that, the Einstein Exhibition is super sianz. Basically, what's in there can be found on the net, and Mdm Toh agrees :) So don't worry about Physics SIA, all you need is a computer! You don't even need a printer!

Hmm, I heard that some people have gone to Little India again! And you peeps didn't invite me! :'( I so saddddd... so saddddd... so sadddddd... ...

Weather's getting hot, drink lots of water, and don't get sick! Love you peeps!


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Thursday, June 02, 2005
hello, sorry for my first post being about homework,but since there are ppl asking about physics sia i shall post the details here ok.

Physics SIA 3
Poster (Individual Project)

We hope that you have been inspired by the visit to the Albert Einstein Man of the Century Exhibition at the Science Centre. Your next Physics SIA would be to design a poster (A4 or A3) on one of the following topics.

His General Theory of Relativity
His Special Theory of Relativity
His most famous formula: E=mc2
4. His explanation of the Photoelectric Effect.
5. His explanation of Brownian Motion.

Your poster will be judged in terms how well you have researched the topic and the comprehensiveness in which you dealt with the subject matter. The poster should be cohesive with regards to images and colours used. Credit would be given for the aesthetics of the final product. Please provide the list of sites and books that you have used for your research and acknowledge sources of images and information.

Please submit your work (in any medium of your choice – preferably softcopy) when school starts in term 3 2005.

(Total 10 marrks)

there are rubrics also, find at the physics module PHYS3IP

ok,jiayou le! and have fun at china forum haha


bye bye!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
*Sweeps away dust accumulated on blog*

Hello peeps!

Must be pretty busy this holiday? There's the thick pile of hw grinning evily at you eh? And the ever-glowing neon sign saying URGENT above the idea of SIA? Jia you! ^_^ There'll come a day when it'll all be over.

Here's a pretty poem I like a lot.

Who knows if the moon's... -- e.e cummings

Who knows if the moon's a balloon,
coming out of a keen city in the sky--filled with pretty people?
(and if you and i should get into it,
if they should take me and take you into their balloon,
why then we'd go up higher with all the pretty people
than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing away and away
sailing into a keen city
which nobody's ever visited,
where always it's Spring)and
everyone's in love and
flowers pick themselves.

P.S. Just a reminder, we have a physics SIA that requires you to visit the science centre. So don't be BLUR, must find time to do!

-xinyi a.k.a hox

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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Yeah peeps. Hols! Aren't we all excited? I think bx is very cute! Haha. Not naggy larh.

[milk-cookies blogged]
wah the blogging trend died down so soon. anyway, remember that there is

私函 to be written tomorrow, so do your research hor. then remember that the 石 膏与我 costs 12 bucks so take care and read it, questions will be set on it, and need to return when school reopens.oKay? and the bsp logo design thing by tmr i think

hmm, i seem so naggy nowadays, sigh....

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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Yo peeps!

Didn't we have a nice lunch at Little India? Yum yum, I like Indian vegetatrian food! But don't be too happy yet! Remember! We have not paid for the food! ):

So... The food costs $6.90 in total, and dearie Miss Ong said she would absorb the 90 cents for us cos she told us it was $6. But anyway, I think we can afford the 90 cents... right?

Hope you peeps will enjoy all the VCDs that you've bought. Drink more water! The weather's getting hot nowadays. Oh by the way, we have no PDD presentation. Don't you worry! Do your letter draft (: and... do your maths! Don't let Miss Yeo be sad! Miss Yeo is a VERY NICE TEACHER! ^_^

Yepp. Can't really crap anymore. Hmm. Ok, a rocking good sentence that Miss Ong SMSed me:

Yes Yes! Everyone, after you've finished watching your VCD/DVD.. .. .. LEND ME!!!!!!!!!

or else.


[milk-cookies blogged]
Thursday, May 19, 2005
To all shahrukh khan wives and concubines,
i know shahrukh khan is charming.
but you know i still contented being Mrs Takuya Kimura. I cannot possibly betray my husband by having an affair with Shahrukh Khan right?
and to shahrukh khan: You got so many wives already..cannot like that so flirtatious one. i pity all your wives leh....
And i am so glad to be the sole wife of Takuya Kimura. So Mrs Takuya shall now declare that she is the luckiest woman in the world.

**Mrs Takuya Kimura**

[three-o-seven blogged]
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
girls pls stop fighting. shah rukh khan is not for anyone to grab. he is married and is married to tiffany toh. you know who tiffany toh is? she is the prettiest and boobiest babe in the world. now dunt be upset girls, for if you all beg ms tiffany aka mrs shah rukh khan, she might grant you girls a handshake with her hubby. mrs shah rukh khan is here with me now and i shall get her to say a few words.

ms tiffany aka mrs shah rukh khan: you girls leave my husband alone or i will personally sue you all! you all better shava away!

[~*TiFfaNy*~ blogged]
Yo everyone!

Haha. I'm thinking... Actually we don't need an archive! We can replace it with a mini album, right? Haha.

Boo. Anyway, for those who use blogspot, you can actually invite yourself (through this account) to this blog, and then, when you log in to your OWN blog, you can see two blog, one yours and one class! Tadah! Now, with one account, you can post at TWO blogs! Fun!

I love sabbaticals!!! ^_^

~ Siying (Mrs Shah Rukh Khan =p)

[milk-cookies blogged]
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
eh i wanted to add more pics but how come cannot huh? cannot some one help??!!?!
anyway...shah rukh khan's photo....
btw, he's 40 this year.
hmm......but he looks the same though.

[three-o-seven blogged]
hihihi! im not here for no reason...

ANNOUNCEMENT: EXTRA MATH HW. poem on trigo, hand up on mon nxt wk (for those who didnt see the board today) write ur feelings, thoughts, knowledge blah blah blah abt TRIGO. and deco nicely. yayy. any kind soul wanna help me add to the hw list.. too lazy to go template and add..

SECONDLY, i'm just hear to say. SHAH RUKH KHAN is so charismatic lah can... cmon man, lets have a vote =)))... oh, lets give a short introduction here:

Name: Shah Rukh Khan
Birthplace: New Delhi
Silbings: Older sister
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married with 2 kids :'(
Filmography: loads. cant rmber.

yeah man, intro finish liao... everyone should read his interviews! his pursue of his wife was almost exactly the same as the show we are watching now =) that explains his sincerity. bahh, but his parents died and he suffered a tremendous blow lahh.. aiya, my main purpose is to promote SHAH RUKH KHAN-the king of bollywood. shoo, go research on him now!!

--tingyi (in an extra gd mood today) >.<

[three-o-seven blogged]
Monday, May 16, 2005
Look at the handsome Kimura staring at you!!!! Now, are you motivated to visit the class blog?

Hmm. I think we should put lao shu ai da mi. although i still like dou jiang you tiao! yay! it rocks!

i want to read more kindaichi! lalalalalala.


[three-o-seven blogged]
Sunday, May 15, 2005
yeah...at last got a blog liao.
aiyah..any song also can lah....hey i think it will be quite "interesting" to put jolin's j-game.
"lao shu, lao hu, sha sha fen bu qing chu..."
anyway, maybe can take somemore photos than post them here...
shall i use it to promote my idol?
hmmm......maybe i should
takuya is shuai, talented,blah blah
good luck is excellent
pride is woah!!!!!!!!!!!

mayday rox too
smiles=) mayday + takuya fan

[three-o-seven blogged]
anyway... hmm, considering if i shld add a calendar now.
yepp, i shall, yayy, i'll add.. THANKS again BUDDY for helping me with the links =)


[three-o-seven blogged]
Hey! My second entry today!

Hmmm... Just wanna say that, all the problems of this blogs are solved! Yay! All the words are a nice Verdana font 10, and the links are ok! :)

Hopefully everyone will blog or tag at elast onece a week. Let's try to keep this blog alive for as long as we are together.

Maybe we should vote for a song to put on this page. Heex. I suggest dou4 jiang1 you2 tiao2!.


[three-o-seven blogged]
hey yayyay class blog.seems so happy=)(=the class fund thing is so lame, maybe can put photos next time, if we ever take one,can put calendar too, 3rd june got china forum, 22-25th june got bsp camp, ...anyway rmb to bring hcl file tmr...dun forget, ask papa mama sign your tests hor. tmr sabbaticals, shld have no homework so we can finally have a week free.yay.
<3 bx

[three-o-seven blogged]
HI! (:

hahh whee! it's fun to be blogging in the class blogg. ((: hmm hope it wldn't be forgotten as time passes.. we'll stay together always, yeah? yepp! and we MUST thanks tingyi and siying for spending their precious weekend planning and creating this nice blogg! ((:

so ehh do we need to have a schedule for our tests? ._. just a reminder, we have SS TEST on term 3 week 1! first double-period! =( hahh must remember to study during june hols arh! soo hmm this week we will be having sabbaticals! woohoo! let's enjoy this week and we can start piaing for SIAs in the june hols. don't forget to rest well too!

good luck to everyone and take care! cya people tomorrow in school. =P BYE! (:

- jo (:

[three-o-seven blogged]
ahhh, names up, homework list up. ehhh... links will do nxt time, bahh...
hmm..my work is 2/3 completed =).. muahahaha.


[three-o-seven blogged]
Very happy (and proud) to be posting the third entry of this wonderous class blog. Btw I am Yihong.

Must definitely congratulate Siying and Tingyi, the great (master)minds behind this whole scheme, I mean, thing.

Let's face it, there's a long, long way to go for us. We're gonna be in the same class next year, and most probably after we step into HCI (darn good school to trespass) too.

We gotta be more united an` all. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT MAN.

HA. Done with this short but nevertheless meaningful entry huh.

-Adieus, hong. (=

[three-o-seven blogged]
yo! yeah yeah yeah, finally up =))
hmm.. if anyone wants to blog, just go blogger and sign in =)
userid is "three-o-seven"
ehh, password go ask me or siying..

kk.. lets see what isnt done.. the archives no need to care.. lala, the homework list... okok, i shall try to put it up soon. the links part. OKOKOK, i seriously will start learning how to make a blinkie... or anyone who knows can help too =D..

and lastly, people, TAG!!

P.S: any announcements will be put up as posts here.



[three-o-seven blogged]
siying is happy that this blog is done. :)

[three-o-seven blogged]